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Software Re-Installation and Repair

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Cell Phones and Smart Phones similar to computer and laptops also have a operating system. Apple using the iOS system Samsung, LG, HTC, etc… using the android operating system. We know they are not perfect and they don’t always work as perfectly as we wish.

If you are experiencing issues with your devices our well knowledge Einstein Repair technicians will help you trouble shoot and eliminate any software issues you might be experiencing.

Issues you may be experiencing with software issues.

  • Network Issues: Dropped calls, no signal or low network
  • Processor Over Working: Freezing, apps crashing, phone resets
  • Power Cycle: Phone reboots repeated on logo or start screen
  • Touch Problem: Touch does not work or slow touch
  • Battery Draining: Battery not holding charge or depletes quickly
  • Apps not loading: Camera or similar apps not opening properly
  • WiFi or Connection Issues: Phone not detecting signal or wifi routers

Our Las Vegas Cell Phone Repair location is the perfect choice to help trouble shoot and repair you devices. With over 10 years of experience our Einstein Repair technicians has the knowledge and experience to be the best software phone repair center in Las Vegas.

Software Issues

Let’s Reinstall Your Software

Software might not always be the issue with your device, but we usually recommend to start with a software reinstall before replacing any hardware; 90% of the time we find that the issues start with the software.

Process Breakdown

  • Diagnose The Issue
  • Backup Your Data
  • Delete Existing Software
  • Reinstall latest Software
  • Test Device for Flaws in Software
  • Restore Your Data







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